Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So I decided

That I'm not going to limit this blog anymore. I'm just going to post whatever I want and stuff. Ever since I've started it I've always waited 'till I had something "blog worthy" to post. Meaning, I always waited until I got some really nice pictures taken of me, or 'till I went to some kind of fashion event and took really cool pictures at it to actually post on this blog, but I realized that there's a lot of other things I'd like be posting in the meantime.
Anyway, here are some random pictures I took the passed few weeks.

A random collage I made. This isn't scanned so I do apologize for the bad quality. All magazine cut outs were taken from one of my favorite Vogue issues (Vogue Paris August 2010), and the other random things I sort of just found in my room.

I got a new internship for IfashionNetwork and Fashion Trend Magazine, and the other day I was flipping through the pages of the Fashion Trend Collections Edition which is the one they put out twice a year for both fashion weeks, and I loved the collages on the fist few pages. 

New velvet black shoes I got from Urban Outfitters the other day, they were on sale.
Also, I'm addicted to braiding my hair now.
 And a not-so-fabulous picture of me. My jacket and jean/tights are both thrifted from Buffalo Exchange and my sneakers are from All Saints. I really love this jacket because it reminds me of M.I.A.
And by "reminds me of M.I.A," I mean: 
Patterns, bright colors, and shoulder pads. Oh yeah, did I mention that I really really love M.I.A? I can't even begin to explain how I excited I am about her collaborating with Madonna soon! Check out a video here if you're interested: 
I am so stoked that today I actually caught myself singing the chorus to this song that's playing in the background of this video and doing the arm movements to it like she is...... A little scary. (Thanks a lot, Nakul)

And I also promised myself to stop looking at how many page views I'm getting and stuff. That stuff really does take away from the fun of running a blog. (Thanks, Tavi) I will however still acknowledge your comments and always try to comment back!

Thank you for reading my very long out-of-nowhere post!

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Room: Before

First off, Happy New Year! New Year, new me! ...Joking, but I figured for the new year I might as well redecorate my room since I've been meaning to anyway. Initially, I spent the majority of my time living here in a reeeaalllyy huge room in the upstairs portion of my apartment, but a little less than two years ago I moved downstairs into my mom's [now] old room because my little brother was born. That room was really too good to be true to have for too long anyway. (sob) Anyway, I thought I'd post "before" pictures of my room before I redecorated so you guys can see what it looks like now, and so I can get an idea of what I really want to change. 
Now, despite the fact that my room now is a lot smaller than my past old rooms, and has no windows, it has it's perks, too. First: the closet! I was always jealous of my mom's closet, and I must admit that I was really excited about moving into this room for this sole reason. 

Here's one side of my closet. I decorated the first shelf with patterned paper (lol) and a poster of Audrey Hepburn. I used the very top shelf only for shoes. My family makes fun of me that I dedicated a whole shelf in my closet for shoes, but I think they deserve it?!
 When I redecorate, I definitely want to finish decorating the rest of the shelves (and take out that really boring and dirty wallpaper that's there now) and possibly change that poster. 

Next, the other side of my closet where I hang my jackets and dresses up. I really want to paint the inside of this black. And lord please, new curtains! Another perk: the cool-looking door. My step-sister always laughs and says this door looks like an entrance to a dungeon or something, but I like that. I like you dungeon-door, you can stay. I might just shift around what I have on those shelves there. (Peep my Christmas decor) ... (the teddy bear by my TV... toooo cute, ugh) 
 My long mirror and quite sucky "inspirational" wall posters. I like the collage I made and everything, but I should replace those printed out pictures underneath with some new ones since their corners are now curling up. Can't really see it in the picture, though.
 My "make-up area." I'd like to replace the bigger black shelf with something different (perhaps and actual chest of drawers or something) and I want to find a different way of displaying my jewelry.. Although I really like the wine bottle set up I have going on now. 
 The part that needs most change: My bed and "work" area. As you all probably already recognize, yes, I have that bed "that looks like a crib and has hearts in it." And for those of you that don't know, its a bed that very commonly shows up in the back of a lot of teenage girls' mac pictures. (sigh) Had I known this tragedy of me possessing the same bed as 50% of the rest of the girl-teenage population, I wouldn't have gotten it. Okay now I'm just being stupid. But seriously: a possible bed change. Oh, and new sheets, too.
Another dilemma: Why does everyone and their mother have this same painting as me? (Because it's from Ikea) Oh. Right. So, I definitely want to put up new art. I also would like a new chair to sit on while doing my homework and stuff... this one really isn't as comfortable as I thought it would be.

The last picture I took couldn't be a polaroid since I ran out of film, sorry guyz! But here's the other entrance to my room: my door where I unfortunately hang all my bags. There literally cannot be anymore stupid, unless you like your entire collection of purses falling almost every time someone opens the door to your room. This was not supposed to happen, okay? My mom was supposed to move out and this was only supposed to be "temporary." 
So, someplace new to place my bags. Also, I have so many polaroids just lying around in my room.. Does anyone have any cool suggestions of how I can somehow put them decoratively around my room, without framing them? I'm also open to any suggestions you guys have about anything I want to change in my room, or even about things I haven't mentioned.

I hope everyone has had a good start to the new year!