Monday, September 26, 2011

Shoot pt...4?

Okay so I really don't mean to annoy you guys with constant pictures from this same photo-shoot, but I just got the rest of the pictures yesterday and I feel like it would be a waste on my end not to at least post them on my blog. These were my favorites mostly because I loved how the dress looked according to how I was sitting, etc. I played around with the editing a bit (okay, a lot) so hopefully they entertain you guys as much as I was entertained editing them.

 You can see more pictures from this shoot here and here (lol). Last time guys, I promise.

Photo credit: Htat Lin Htut (

Friday, September 23, 2011

R.I.P DKNY Jacket

Among all the amazing things that happened during fashion week, something of course had to get lost. I lost my favorite and only DKNY olive green/brown jacket. It was perfect to me on so many levels. The color, the material, the way it laid and folded in the front, the buttons, and the way it was perfect for fall season... I should stop now before I start crying. This jacket has saved me on so many unexpected weather conditioned days that dedicating a post to it was the least I could do.
Also, sorry for the blurry pictures that are posted. I'm weird I guess because I actually find something intriguing about blurry photos. And I swear that my nose normally doesn't look that huge, AND I do not smoke! I repeat, I do not smoke! I was holding my friend's cigarette. 

On a brighter note though, I'm going to Papercut Magazine's Launch party tonight, and I just got news that I'm starting my first fashion internship in October. Details later. I'm so excited! 

Also, thank you to Erika for featuring me on your blog!

Monday, September 19, 2011

[my] Fashion Week

 This will probably be an overwhelmingly long post, definitely my longest, so if you stick it out throughout the whole post I thank you in advance!
Fashions Night Out 
I decided to take my navy blue silk Eyrn Brinie dress (you can also see it in my first post ever here) out for a spin again because I just felt it was appropriate, with h&m black pumps. I got the dress my sophomore year of high school and it's probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing till this day. The metallic wings on the back of the dress kill me.
Me and about ten of my friends initially went to Miu Miu where we got to meet Tavi from and Jane from (unbelievable experience btw; too bad we didn't get any good pictures from that portion of the night), and then headed over to Helmut Lang with expectations of seeing Jessica Stam.... turns out she wasn't there (my fault..opps) but Best Coast was playing which was still pretty cool. 

Rooftop Photoshoot/ after party
In case you can't already tell, I changed a lot this day. During the photoshoot I wore a Banana Republic dress, an Old Navy trench, Steve Madden heels, and an h&m hat. Later I wore a Jack Daniels thrifted shirt as seen in one picture, but changed into a black floral dress, courtesy of my "look-a-like" fringe-haired friend Natasha. And I cut my hair! (This is what it currently looks like).
This rooftop we did the shoot on had a breathtaking view, literally. I mean, if that picture of that view doesn't take your breath away then I don't know what will. A very fun day/night all thanks to my close friend Moe.

Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference
This always happens to me, but I switched my outfit last minute for this event as well. I went through my closet for the millionth time after not feeling right in what I planned to wear, and pulled out this knitted maxi dress and decided on wearing it instead with a pair of Steve Madden wooded wedges (also seen in my first post, here). The dress is a hand-me-down from my mother. 

The reason I put [my] in front of Fashion Week in my title post is because I obviously didn't go any big runway shows or anything, but I definitely still had an amazing time. On top of these events, I went to the Teen Vogue Haute Spot a couple of times, etc. There's plenty to do in NYC during fashion week even if you're not invited to the most extravagant shows, and I guess I'm just grateful for that. Meeting bloggers like Tavi and Jane, or even bloggers at the IFBcon that aren't that well known [yet!] was probably more inspiring to me then meeting celebrities because they remind me that being imperfect and awkward and not washing your hair for days straight is okay sometimes..... that last part could be just me. But you get the point. Plus, I do believe they're the future of the industry.

Majority of photos and editing: Moey Hoque (