Monday, November 21, 2011


I've been super preoccupied lately, but I have exciting news. I will be doing a shoot this week that's inspired by these two videos. I also have a million pending posts that I've been meaning to finish; perhaps I'll post them before the shoot. I hope you guys don't mind phone-quality pictures.

Bombay- El Guincho 

SYNDROMES - a short film by Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rayanne Graff

So, among all the costume parties I've been to in the passed two weeks, I'm going to blog about the non-halloween one only because I'm extremely mad at myself for letting this legendary show go over my head in the 90's, and I must blog about how awesome it is now. Thanks to my friend Billy, I put together a last minute Rayanne Graff from My So Called Life costume for a 90's themed party we were invited to. (Warning: This post will consist of consecutive Mac webcam pictures) 

Close ups of the accessories: 
(Snapback: Mishka, Floral-print dress and Socks: TopShop, Flannels: Club Monaco and h&m, Leaf Earring: Stand in Soho, Rest of outfit: Courtesy of my mother's infamous closet)
Basically, an outfit that consists of a lot of my favorite things (floral print, flannel, accessories that I love but never wear, converse, a snapback, and a fur coat) all worn effortlessly at once. Ironically, I've been putting random braids in my hair and (embarrassingly enough) putting little effort into what I've been wearing for the passed few weeks, so when Billy introduced me to Rayanne the other day, naturally I fell in love.

Entering college (especially one like FIT), any person would assume that I, without a doubt, stomp around the halls with my nails polished, outfit carefully planned out, and with the wind blowing through my perfectly done hair. When in fact, college is having the exact opposite affect on me. While the majority of the girls (and the small percentage of guys) in my school look amazingly flawless every single day, I think my urge to look "amazingly flawless" was left somewhere in the dirty and old hallways of my high school. Its kind-of a paradox, I guess. I went to a rather ghetto high school, so I woke-up early every day to fix my hair and murder my feet during school days wearing heels. Now everyone in FIT looks undeniably gorgeous, and I barely care that I leave my hair curly most days (and let's just say that 90% people I went to high school with probably thought my hair was naturally straight). And I'm not trying to be the "I must be different and ~uinque~ from everyone else" type, but I guess since I grew up being convinced that only what is socially acceptable is beautiful, I'm realizing that that's not true. Beauty is generally conceived with the idea of perfection, but things that socially are considered ugly or weird can be really esthetic, too. Now, not that Rayanne is ugly (she's hot!), but in my opinion she's a great representation of this socio-realism concept. 

And this doesn't at all mean that I'm losing interest in fashion, because I still have my days where I want to put on my Jimmy Choos with a fancy dress and lust over the newest Dries Van Noten collection.
Now please excuse me while I attempt to feel better about the fact that I missed out on this show years ago, and watch every single episode and inevitably become obsessed with Rayanne and Angela...(and Jordan Catalano, of course!)