Saturday, December 24, 2011


(All clothing is from American Apparel, besides plaid jacket and stripped sweater from Express)  
So here are the results from that 'Bombay' video-like shoot. Turns out by the time we (me and my friend Htat) met up, it was dark out and we really didn't think the pictures would turn out the way we wanted them too, but some of them are still blog-worthy! We practically had to work with street/car lights outside due to lack of equipment and what not, haha. I actually really like how calm and simple the photos came out. I also just really love this plaid jacket. 

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Photo credit: Htat Lin Htut (,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free People

Okay, wow, hi. Good news... this is actually me writing, which means, I haven't died. Just, lost my motivation to blog for a while, I guess? Miraculously I've still been gaining followers, so thank you new followers for following me! Now that the semester is over I feel like two crying babies have been surgically removed from my shoulders (joking, I don't hate college that much). But I can finally find time to do other things. 
So a brief update on my life because I know you, my loyal followers, are ohhhhh so curious: my name day just passed (some Polish holiday where all Dagmaras celebrate the fact that they posses the name Dagmara and get presents for it... totally not joking..), I've stocked up on Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, finished the all-too-short My So-Called Life series, cut my bangs and dyed my hair, AND bought my first pair of docs. *loud gasp*
A while ago I also attended this Nylon Mag/Bloomingdales/Free People event in the city where I got to make bracelets with the bloggers from the Honestly WTF blog and obtain lots of other free stuff with my friend Rachel. Fun!
(A close up of my pants)
(Top: Buffalo Exachange, Pants: Mom's closet, Shoes: Forever 21)
When I said some of my favorite pieces of clothing came from my mother's teenage closet, I wasn't lying. How cool is the detail on these pants? And the flowers are all suede!

Thank you for those of you who have been patient with my sporadic blogging. 
And about that shoot I mentioned before, it didn't come out exactly in the style of those videos, but still came out pretty cool so I will be posting those pics soon.

Photo credit: Rachel (