Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sneak Preview

Here's a sneak preview of last week's Badland's 2011 Launch Party.
(Hat:h&m, shirt:thrifted, shorts: topshop)
Stay tuned to see more pictures this week! 
A special thanks to Erika from and Chide from for featuring me on their blog. Check their blogs out!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Final Results

(Laced top: Forever 21, Laced Vest/Top: Forever 21)
(Shirt: Street market, Belt: Vintage, Skirt: Zara, Grey Pumps: Forever 21, Boots: Vintage, Bookbag: Buffalo Exchange)
And a couple of pictures of my dress that I didn't put up earlier.
(Dress: All Saints)
Last night I went to Badland's 2011 Launch party, stay tuned to see pictures from the event!

Photo Credit:
Htat Lin Htut: (
Moey: (

Monday, August 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Remember my prom post? (seen here) Well, I've been meaning to post the rest of the studio pictures that were taken (in different outfits)... but, I figured it couldn't hurt to start with the silly behind the scenes photos before I do so.
(Olive green suede dress from All Saints, shoes Jeffrey Campbell) 
Stay tuned to see the final results of the studio pictures! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little things

Currently appreciating the little things in life like rooftop views of NYC, yard sales pickups, and features. 
{Second picture is my good friend Billy and myself, and fourth picture is my friend Carly}
About a week ago me and a bunch of my friends went to a rooftop in Brooklyn for the night. I know it sounds awfully generic, but there's nothing like the New York skyline. And you can't really tell in the picture, but I wore a new scarf that I got from my friend Rachel's yard/home sale:

 I picked up an Old Navy blazer, a Montreal Canada sweatshirt, a Paris scarf, a stringy scarf with pennies linked to it on the bottom [the one worn in the picture], and a few accessories. Which is ironic, because none of these things are exactly summer-appropriate, but I guess I'm preparing for the Fall? I've had a thing for sweatshirts lately. Thank you again, Rachel!

Last but not least, I'd like to seriously thank Daria from and Sophie from for featuring my blog on their sites. Both are talented in many ways, see for yourself and check out their blogs.

Photo credit:  
Top pictures, Htat Lin Htut (
Polaroids, Rachel Snail (

Friday, August 5, 2011

Intern Queen Party NYC

A couple of nights ago I was invited to NYC's first Intern Queen party. Basically, all previous and/or current interns of nyc were invited to join this celebration in 404 restaurant where they were able to network with people from a couple of different industries (and drink), haha. Employees from Teen Vogue and CBS were on the panel, and Lauren Berger was thee intern queen (she completed 15 interships!). Despite the long line to get in and the extremely crowded bar, it was so interesting to meet people who worked in different industries.
My mom passed down this black laced sort of turtle neck body-suit (lol) to me months ago and I haven't been able to find an occasion to wear it. Oddly enough, I planned an entirely different outfit for this night but literally before walking out of the door I spontaneously decided I would feel better in a skirt and this body-suit came into mind right after. Although, I was a tad hesitant that I would look a little under professional, but when has that ever stopped me? This skirt was a gift from my grandmother while she was on vacation in Poland, so I can't quite say what store it's from either and I can basically fully credit this ensemble to my family (haha).
(Wedges from Chockers, Coach bag, Guess watch) 
I really do love the shiny/edgy feel it has to it.

Photo credit: Rachel (

Monday, August 1, 2011

(trois) England

(Hat from h&m, dress from Urban Outfitters, Fashion's Night Out shirt, jean shirt from Primark, Mishka shirt, varsity jacket from TopShop, thrifted blue scarf)

London/ Maidstone/ Whitstable/ Canterbury/ Eastbourne/ Folkstone/ Chatam. My three weeks spent in England I managed to re-wear many of my clothes I bought there as I realized that packing in a hurry really does take a toll on you. At the very least, converse were one of my smartest purchases made before leaving nyc considering wearing heels everyday definitely wasn't an option. The next time we meet, England, I promise to bring a wider variety of scarfs and jackets with me to be prepared for your rainy and nippy tendencies. I couldn't have loved England, it's rocky beaches, and lovely lingo more. As good as it feels to be back in New York (with my full closet again), I can't wait to go back already. I have some polaroids I took  in England that I've also been meaning to post.