Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prom Weekend

Thursday was Brooklyn Queens day so me and my three girlfriends went to Spa Castle before prom. It was super relaxing. I recommend this place for a one-day getaway, it's cheap and offers a lot! Prom consisted of magicians, belly dancers, snake charmers, and all that good stuff. 
To prom I wore an olive green suede draped dress from All Saints. The thing I love most about this dress is how flexible it is. I can seriously do anything I want with it. Make it short or long, make it draped or straight down. I chose to make the front short and the back long.
A close up of my shoes that I wore with the dress:
I went to the studio with a couple of my friends a few weeks ago, and I had to bring my prom dress. Here are a few shots with it from the studio:

Photos: Scott Alnwick (, Moey Hoque (, and Htat Htut (


  1. Your prom dress is so unique! I love the color and the varying length of the skirt! It's always refreshing to see prom dresses which are actually cool and interesting :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. I love your dress and how you styled it! Very unique for prom, as well.

    Hope you had a great time!


  3. Hi Dagamara, your blog is pretty cool, and I really LOVE LOVE LOVE that All Saints dress so much! And it's not often that I see a piece of clothing that I really love. Please can you tell me what the name of this dress is, so I can try and find one on Ebay? Thanks, Pauline