Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Past Photoshoots

I guess since I want this blog to mostly consist of personal-outfit posts, it thought it would reasonable to first post up past outfits I've worn/ photoshoots I've done. Here are some pictures from the past year and a half, from oldest to newest: 

  I've always wanted to post those but never had a blog to post them on! Haha. Anyway, in case you're wondering, my hair isn't blonde anymore. I'm back to my brown bangs. I'll be attending FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC in the fall, and I have prom and all this fun stuff coming up so I thought this would be the best time to finally start my personal style blog. As you can tell, my style is always changing. Currently on my mind has been Vera Wang, and recently I did a studio shoot, so expect new pictures very soon! And yes, those are actually a picture of my knees.
- Dagmara

Photos: Alberto Vargas (, Georgian Parchment (, Moey Hoque (, and Htat Htut (


  1. i stumbled upon your blog on IFB. I LOVE it! I loved the photos of you and your friends at prom. And congrats on going to FIT. That sounds so incredibly awesome!

    Best Wishes

  2. i love love love your photos! Its great you live in New York!

    I study at NYU but I live in Asia.

    Check out my blog!

  3. Very cool pictures !! Im following now sweetie....