Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thanks, Grandma

I know, I know, what kind of self claimed fashion lover posts one crummy post filled with phone quality pictures during fashion week? I've been busier than I can even handle this passed week, but I promise I have a lot more promising pictures and story telling about my crazy week coming up, just bare with me here. I don't want to post until I have all the pictures, and all of them edited. 

Anyway, besides all this nuts 4 nuts fashion week stuff willingly took over my life, I've been meaning to post some really old pictures of my grandmother and family in general back when they were able to run on such busy schedules like I somehow am able to (now they sleep at 7pm.. haha). See, my family likes to make fun of me sometimes and they give me the 'what the hell are you wearing now?' stare all too often, but alas! I digged up some old pictures of them.
Here, from left to right, is my grandfather, grandmother, mother, and my distant aunt. Absolutely love my grandma's ensemble in this picture.. where the hell is all this clothes now, grandma? 

From left to right, my grandmother's friend and grandmother. Okay, not only do I love this picture because of the old record player, but I think my grandma's head scarf really is the cherry on top. Also, where can I find such a perfect pencil skirt?
 Me and my grandmother. Okay, so completely disregarding my ridiculous facial expression and how enormous my face was 18 years ago here......... I loved this outfit of my grandmother's for it's simplicity and the picture for her pose. I would love to acquire a pair of jeans as such, and I know they're dorky but, I've always wanted to wear strappy sandals somewhat similar to the ones she's wearing here.
My aunt and my mother. I know, we look nothing alike, right? Well anyway, the clean cut rounded collar on my aunt's dress in this picture is to die for. How I want a clean cut cute collared (wow, tongue twister) long sleeve dress! And I love the whole polka-dotted dress on a solid colored long sleeved shirt on my mom. And these outfits definitely would not be complete without the thick white tights. Kudos, grandma.
Lastly, to completely and utterly embarrass my aunt Dagmara (we have the same name), a picture of her and her friends (that's her waaaay on the right over there). I just really liked fun laid back feeling in this picture and the color blocking that's going on. Oh, and the glasses... and the side swept hair and, on my aunt's end, the poofy short hair do. Or don't. She really is going to kill me btw.

But to make up for it, you, my wonderful followers, should go follow my aunt's photography blog and see countless adorable pictures of my little brother! (So she won't totally kill me?) Also, thank you so much to for featuring me on your blog!

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Stay tuned for fashion week pictures soon.

Photo courtesy goes to my grandmother and... the box underneath my bed.


  1. YEEES !!! I will kill you !! lol
    Btw on the first and secon pictures there is aunt Zofia with granma Ok ? You meet her in Poland , she was a buatiful women when she was young !!!
    And me in my room with I hate this eyeglasses and curly frizzzz hair brrrrr love you anyway ! You my the best niece ever ! !

  2. I love old family photos.. Its fun to look at where you came from. Get some rest dear! <3 Michele

  3. these photos are beautiful!!!!!!classic!


  4. This post is amazing, and thanks so much for the shout out!


  5. Oh it was fun indeed ^^
    Lovely pictures!

  6. beautiful post
    and I followed you back thanks a lot :)

  7. Such cute post!!!! So much memories and all these photos are indeed really vintage, classic, and I love the whole colourless feel and those fashion!!!! valuable photos :) really cute family u have here hehe


  8. Thank you so much for those lovely comments!! You are way too kind, ha ha. I love these photos. I wish I were better at wearing vintage pieces. Fabulous inspiration.

    ps. I am only 5'10" that really tall, ha ha ?


  9. Wow, I love those first few in black and white!

  10. Great pictures!! Love the outfits in the third one!!

  11. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much! This post is amazing, I love all this old photos!!!
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  12. Those black and white photos are awesome! There are some stylish ladies in your family!

  13. I love looking at old photos for fashion inspiration! My parents and grandparents grew up in Taiwan so their fashion was a little bit different than what we see here. That round collared dress is called a "peter pan collar" (just to help you on your search), I looove that type of collar. I have a dress like that here that I bought from Urban Outfitters if you want to check it out-