Friday, June 8, 2012

Bucket List

I left my internship today and started a new job. Well, technically, I told my internship I would leave precisely when I made 6 months (the 13th) if they weren’t willing to compensate me, and start my new job. But I didn’t go back after work today. Although I love fashion and that internship had been the closest I’ve ever been to the industry, if not in it, I guess I feel good about myself because I was able to walk away. I was able to walk away because I knew the amount of work I was doing shouldn’t go unpaid or unappreciated the way it had been for the past six months. I knew that although I was getting a tiny bit of exposure and I was able to attend cool events and meet people, the company didn’t treat their interns, or rather unpaid employees, with respect or value at all, and I knew that that is not the kind of company I want to represent down the line, even if the company does eventually become big within the industry. One day if I see the company making millions, I won’t respect how they got there, and if I was up there with them, I would be full of regret. It’s a weird feeling to leave doing what you love because the people giving you the capability to do so take the love you have for it and kill it by creating such a vicious and unfair working environment. I’m grateful, though, for all that I’ve learned- within the industry and out- from it. I know that I can make my dreams come true ~ , as cheesy as it sounds, the right way and with the people. That being said, I was compelled to make a really random bucket list. See below: 

1. Walk shirtless in public in another country. 
2. Dress up as Margot Tenenbaum and go see The Royal Tenenbaum House. 
3. Tell someone, no, convince someone, that I am the MTA voice over. 
4. Jump off a mountain into water. 
5. Read a book that will dramatically change my life.
6. Build a tree house.
7. Meet someone who resembles me enough to be my twin.
8. Visit Egypt.
9. Lick a butterfly.
10. Survive a zombie apocalypse. To be continued... 

In other news, I received a post card from my step-grandmother in Poland today!
How cool! I would translate for you guys, and by translate I mean I would ask my mom to first translate for me, but to do that I would need her here, and she is not, so sadly, I will not. But it's just cheesy grandma stuff anyway. 

In other other news, I did a photoshoot recently for a newly launched street wear clothing line called Highborn Society. It was a really unexpected and last minute shoot (for me), but I really enjoyed how organic and natural it all was. It was inspiring to shoot without all the make-up and glamour. It makes the creativity of the shoot so much more authentic, and solely based on the clothing. 
Here are some of my favorite shots: 
Check out their site if you're into street wear at all. 

Photo Credit: 
Gabrielle Do 
Awni Mosa (


  1. i've definitely been in that internship position. I got paid in food at least but i was a starving student to i was ok with that. but now that I'm done school I don't think I could ever work for free again! wht is your current job? photoshoot without makeup is pretty awesome :)

  2. I found your blog on IFB and I really enjoyed looking through it! I am fallowing you now :)