Monday, March 4, 2013

french music and sailor moon

OK so this is probably really cheesy but my love for french music has rekindled this weekend on a road trip I took with my friends. My step-dad has this corny french CD (among many other corny European CDs) but I actually REALLY like it. I stole it from him back when I was a freshmen/sophomore in high school and listened to it every morning while getting ready for school, until he decided to take it back, and I haven't been able to find it or any of the songs online since, until I found it in his car this passed weekend. My friend Michelle was laughing at me and said if I heard the lyrics in English, I probably wouldn't like the songs as much. That might be true, but, in the mean time, I can't deny how cool these songs sound in french. I also probably really like them because I grew up to my mom throwing parties to this kind of music and her teaching me how to dance to it. The videos I found on youtube are really low budget and extremely bizarre, but some of the best things are, right?

My favorite on the CD is Milord by In-Grid
Non Randez Vous by Natasha St-Pier

In Tango by In-Grid is another one I like. Here's the original song:
THEN I found this cool remix with some Sailor Moon graphics. I'm not a huge fan of the Benassi remix, but I love Sailor Moon and this song so I thought it was still pretty cool. 
Taka Taka by Joe Dassin:
Tu Es Foutu by In-Grid

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