Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Vibes via Youtube Videos

Some videos I've been getting my summer, and overall, inspiration from. 

Miu Miu- The Woman Dress
This honestly freaked me out a little (then again, I jump and squeal when Scream jumps out from behind a door or something in old Scream movies), but I really can't help being weirdly attracted to how spooky and dark this video is, and in contrast how pretty, subtle, and not scary the dresses are. It makes me excited for spooky summer night sleepovers, or camping and sitting around the camp fire telling scary stories, or just lighting a candle in my room by myself and hiding from the monsters under my bed.

Matilda- Send Me on My Way (Breakfast Scene)
So my parents recently left to Canada for a small vacation and left me alone in my house right when finals week ended, aka feeling exactly like this. This song really makes any situation, like having to clean the entire house in under two hours before your parents get home, a thousand times more relaxing and hopeful~ And who doesn't love everything about this movie?!

Rusted Root- Send Me on My Way (Actual Video)
Well, the innocence I associated this song with earlier completely went out the window once I looked up the actual video to it. My hopeful heroic song that I depended on to make miserable situations better just turned into what seems to be an acid trip in a desert? 

Friendly Fires- Hurting
On my last day of my intro to television studies class, a girl in my class did her final presentation on this video and I've been replaying it constantly ever since. As she mentioned during her presentation, I'm surprised such a cool video and song doesn't have more views. If only it were true that men had mechanical cubes as heads and hearts popped up when women walked by them, instead of the kissing-dog-mating-call I-dont-even-know-what-to-call-them sounds they use on women in the streets (in nyc, at least). But still! this video does make me want to put on short shorts and shamelessly prance around in the street. 

Karl Lagerfeld- "The New Mix"
Okay, despite the really awkward ending, I really love this video. For a change, I really like the futuristic theme and how its portrayed so well with the special effects and music, and not to mention Arizona Muse and Abbey Lee look flawless. The clip-on collars (especially the silver ones) and the cut-off studded gloves are genius. The clip-on collars would be really cool to wear during the summer to avoid actual shirt collars that would be a lot more uncomfortable to wear (I think?). And silver pants are never not cool. 

That being said, greetings Summer! We missed you.

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